After a hectic flight, finding a cab from the airport to your destination should be the least of your worries. Fortunately, our private airport transfer services offer an excellent way to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free ride.

Whether you are in Geneva on a family tour, diplomatic mission, or have a UN conference to attend, our knowledgeable driver will take you to your destination in a lavish vehicle immediately after you leave the airport. We will also cater to all your travel and security needs, making your time on the Swiss roads unforgettable.

Airport transfers should be pleasant, and we are here to make them so. Please reach us whenever you need us.
N’hésitez pas à nous contacter dès que vous avez besoin de nous.



Travel planning can be so much fun. Picking days, hotels, and venues are the most obvious things that come to mind. However, obtaining proper transportation is equally important to create great memories.

At MGL, we add luxury to your excursions through car and bus rentals. Our vehicles are well-maintained, so there’s no risk of breakdowns or issues that could spoil your visit. Moreover, we offer good deals with freedom of movement so you can explore as many places as you want without hassle.

Look no further if you need rental transport for excursions with the lowest rates but highest ease.



Live a busy life and want to get things done but don’t have enough time to do it all?

Don’t fret. You can obtain our concierge services to carry a bit of the load.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a burnt-out professional seeking some me-time; we’d love to enhance your quality of life.

Before giving you a concierge, we learn your tastes and needs to tailor a service that enables you to focus on more critical tasks. Besides, all your requests will be handled by the same person for a seamless experience.

To taste what our personal concierge services feel like, please submit a request today.



A smooth ride for executives leads to smooth interaction at meetings or conferences. Take the worry out of your corporate travels with MGL and close deals successfully! Our corporate limousine rentals give you access to spacious vehicles with high-speed Wi-Fi and plenty of other valuable features. This allows you to open your laptop/tablet or spread the papers out to prepare for the upcoming event.

Moreover, you will find that arriving in our limo boosts confidence which is the key to your corporate success.

Feel like you could use our service to make a great first impression on corporate tours? We’re just a call away.



Enjoy convenience, safety, and coziness simultaneously with our chauffeur at disposal service. We have licensed drivers who always stay with you whether you have a single assignment or multiple ones.

Moreover, you and your family/ friends/ delegation will remain stress-free throughout the journey because our passionate drivers go above and beyond to deliver satisfaction with every ride. There is no risk of getting lost or being late. We know every turn of the country. So, we pick the best routes to get you to your desired destination and bring you back as smoothly as possible. If a lavish corporate ride is the question, our limo rental for business is the answer.



Booking a bus for your next group travel can double the fun. So, choose our bus rentals for road trips and tours and make your journey as memorable as possible. We provide the highest quality charter bus services from Geneva to local and European attractions. The extravagance and safety that our vehicles provide are only second to plane travel. Our entire fleet is well-maintained, and drivers are trained to make every passenger feel like royalty from start to finish of the trip. Hence why we are rapidly becoming the transportation company of choice for locals and foreigners in Geneva.

Please call us and allow us to make your road trips as pleasant as possible.